Tuesday, February 2, 2010



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  2. They bring up an idea of building the screen as a blackboard. This is amongst other references dealing with constructing/building an image, rather than just taking a picture, showing a picture/image. For example, not just taking a picture of a striker, but rather producing/constructing a picture out of them. Instead of giving/making statements, to use the image(s) dialectically, effectively creating this simple relationship without saying anything.

    In that context i thought i understood their concept of blackboard, but actually in the film Godard says that it's not our job ( as film students) to simply see this blackboard/ work on it ("then the place of the film is just right here") but instead make it so that "workers can be able to come here. It's not to us to go to the factory, because in the factory there is no place for 'blackboard' at the moment."

    How do we make it so that, for example, the workers can be able to come here. And what does that necessarily even mean? And why is there no place for us in the factory, or in the actual setting? Because we'd be (as a supposed political activist/filmmaker) too closely involved in the problems & images that we're producing? Why is that even a bad thing? (In Art) How can we not help producing anything but what is us? If we just stay in the classroom, as Godard mentioned, then we're too far removed.

    I'm going to avoid looking over this post because i'm afraid i'll realize none of it makes sense and end up not posting anything.
    So i apologize in advance.